If you were a member of one of the bands listed on the home page I may have photographed you.  I have begun the long, difficult process of digitzing and archiving my work.  I shot both Black & White Film and Color Slides.  My color work is almost exclusively Kodochrome, which is a very fine grain, high resolution film.  I am currently in the process of drum scanning my slides which will produce near perfect, photo quality images, up to 4' wide.  A drum of 30 slides takes 24 hours to process, add 5 hours of set up and drive time and it will take years to complete. 

If you email me I am happy to see what images I have and work on scanning them first.  

Unfortunately with the internet being what it is, I will need to properly verify your identity.   I need your management company, label, publist or attorney contact to make sure that your images end up in the right hands.  I have a fairly extensive list of publicist and managers contact information so I this should be fairly easy.

Send an email to tycsent@yahoo.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible